Quick: What's Worse than an Aging European?

There I was reading ESPN's latest power rankings (which I later intend to exploit for my own purposes) when I came across the entry on Red Bull New York:

"What's wrong in Gotham? The Red Bulls' midfield is flat out of gas and Claudio Reyna looks like a shell of his former self."

Having watched Red Bull's loss to New England this weekend, I have to agree; add to that Reyna's early substitution against the Houston Dynamo last week and you're looking at an ugly answer to all those questions about Reyna's age and fitness when he came to MLS: Yep, he's too old and fragile.

The supporting cast doesn't help - Markus Schopp looks like a genuine flop, while Dave van den Bergh (who looks a hell of a lot like a post-accident Mark Hammill) looks less like the off-season steal he once did - but here's the thing: Reyna's the friggin' DP; Red Bull spent real money on that cat, and it looks neutered right now.

I love Claudio as much as the next guy - possibly more. As such, posing this question hurts a little...but here goes: will Reyna prove that the only thing worse than an aging European is an aging Yank?


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