And well might you wonder how a soccer ball can be improved, given that tech nol ogy has been work ing on the issue for well over 100 years. The devil is in the detail as you’d expect, but suf fice to say that the new 14-panel design has resulted in a ball with the most con sis tent per for mance char ac ter is tics ever, enabling the play ers to show their true skills. There are fewer seams, so the ball is rounder and per forms more uni formly, regard less of where it is hit. The more per fect the sphere is, the more bal anced it will be, offer ing greater accu racy due to the pre dictabil ity of its flight. The new panel shape har mo nizes the energy dis place ment and min i mizes the amount of cor ners, while the larger pan els allow for a cleaner kick ing area. Per haps the biggest dif fer ence the play ers will find with the new balls will be how they play in the wet. Nor mally, a wet and heavy ball behaves quite dif fer ently from a dry one. It flies slower through the air, has a lower bounce and is more dif fi cult to curl. A patented Ther­mal Bond ing tech nol ogy makes the new ball vir tu ally water proof with iden­ti cal per for mance char ac ter ist sics wet or dry. The FIFA Approved Stan dard for water absorp tion stip u lates no more than a 10% weight increase – the +Teamgeist’s blitzes this with less than 0.1 % weight increase. Sim i larly, it has sig nif i cantly improved on all stan dards for uni for mity of rebound and pres sure reten tion and shape and size retention.
As a trib ute to host Germany’s great est foot ball moments and its tra di­tional uni forms, the adi das design team returned to tra di tional black and white as the dom i nat ing col ors for the FIFA World Cup Match Ball. The fine gold accents along the rounded pro pellers are inspired by the golden FIFA World Cup Tro phy. The rev o lu tion ary new panel shape is designed to min­i mize cor ners and to cre ate a more homoge nous sys tem in terms of per­for mance and look. The radi ant lines of the graph ics sur round ing the pro­peller shape sym bol ize move ment and energy. Next what I expecting is improving of soccer team unforms.

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