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EA Sports might be the king of sports and football / soccer games, but if you scour the review websites you'd notice the FIFA Soccer series doesn't fare as well with critics as other interactive soccer games such as Konami's highly polished Winning Eleven games.

The Vancouver developer must have taken this to heart because FIFA Soccer 2009packs numerous game-play additions, visual tweaks and improvements over past games. More than 250 changes were made, according to EA Sports, resulting in a realistic, responsive and feature-rich soccer simulation worth considering for "footy" fans.

Just minutes after the shrink-wrap was ripped off the Microsoft Xbox 360 version, it was clear this next-generation, high-definition soccer game had undergone an aesthetic makeover with more than 500 new animations and increased speed, now topping 60 frames per second. Gamers who played past versions will also notice the game feels tighter, too, with more responsive controls, improved kick mechanics and better player physics (including a revamped collision system).

Using the two controllers' dual analog sticks for accurate player and ball handling (and the B button to kick or head the ball), novice players can keep up with the game, but if you spend the time and effort to learn the dozens of offensive and defensive maneuvers, you will get a lot more out of the game, such as sliding tackles, crossings, fake lobs and step-overs. The artificial intelligence has also been enhanced, with teammates who move on the field like they should.
New game modes include Custom Tactics, in which you become the team's coach (and map team tactics to the controller's D-pad you can press on the fly), and a much-improved Be A Pro: Seasons option, which expands on last year's version with the ability to play four full seasons as a single player (moving up from a club player to World Cup star). You can earn experience points to spend on increasing your pro's abilities by completing match- and season-long objectives. Be A Pro: Online Team Play is also a new option, which lets you take your pro online and choose a position on the field.

If you are tired of those fancy soccer games, and discussion like this one, you can always try this free and simple soccer game called kick fusion, it is relaxing, and you will need only 1 button to play :)

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