Derby Field (Plus - In More Ways than One)

ESPN's site has a nice list of the field, plus some short commentary on each by a scribbler in their stable, Ed McNamara. A few horses appear here who have already been scratched, so disregard them (Sunriver, Red Raymond (sad to see that one go...what a name), Malameeze, and Sacred Light). Between them, McNamara's commentary and the latest available field should give interested parties somewhere to start.

For the record, by the time I'm placing bets I tend to rely almost exclusively on hot sheets like McNamara's. And I've got the disastrous record as a handicapper to prove it.

Some early theories:

1) Don't bet the favorite: Brother Derek doesn't have much experience in a crowded field. This goes double if he doesn't get a slot near the rail.

2) Early personal favorites (which, given my history makes these horses to avoid): Cause to Believe (I'm a sucker for closers); Steppenwolfer (great name and, apparently, a good horse); and, the pony with the most experience and best resume, Lawyer Ron.


Anonymous said...

Where is my analysis on the forward-less England team?
And yes, there is a handicap symbol next to the publish button.

- Angry Juan

The Manly Ferry said...

With my English club team (Liverpool) perenially stuck in 2nd to 4th position and with a domestic league and a national team of my own to keep me distracted, I couldn't even tell you who's on the roster Juan.

But they've still got Stevie G (that's Steve Gerrard, the patron saint of midfield, long, driven shots and small foreheads) and they can replace Wayne Rooney with Robbie "Village Idiot Sexy" Fowler (OK....I'm kidding on the second half of that one...)

With regard to the handicap thing: OK, we've established that it's there. Now....what does it mean?