The Derby - More Ponies

It's coming together a bit now - at least I'm seeing some repetition in the names of a few horses: Point Determined, Barbaro, sweetnorthernsaint, and A. P. Warrior to name a few. I'm also getting scared off some horses: no one likes Brother Derek, the favorite; pundits expect Sinister Minister, along with all the other "need-to-lead speed horses," to kill themselves on a torrid pace...for the record, I'm not so sure on that one; my love of closers is waning with the near-universal panning of Steppenwolfer, etc.

And, to top it all off, I'm hearing talk of rain - word of which appears in what is easily the most opaque prediction piece I've yet read. In any case, such talk is spooking pundits and turning an already murky field upside down.


I've got to have something firmed up by tomorrow around 5 p.m., when I'll actually be placing my bets, so I'll put myself on the line at that time. Till then, here's some of the head-spinning crap I've read today.

Chat with Andy Beyer (of the famous Beyer Figures fame).
Chat with Dan Illman (not to be confused with Danny Elfman, whose expertise lies elsewhere)
A short, but useful "Derby Watch" wrap from the Daily Racing Form
Picks by ESPN's Eddie McNamara (in case you're wondering, I thought I'd read and posted that as well, but it doesn't read familiar)

Finally, it wasn't till I bumped into this article - still another on Brother Derek, who, as the local networks would put it, has "Oregon connections" - that I remembered how totally informatively fat the Louisville Courier-Journal's Derby preview is; I'll be mining that one tomorrow.

And that's when you'll hear from me next.

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