Derby - The Posts Are Drawn

Here's the list of pole positions for Saturday's Kentucky Derby. Brother Derek, the favorite, drew 18th....which may help. Or it may hurt....I dunno. Must do more's some from ESPN's Bill Finley.

Ach, the asshole starts with this:

"Never has there been a Kentucky Derby that had me this perplexed. "

I actually think he said the same thing last year...which, of course, wouldn't make the statement untrue; maybe he's getting older and more confused with each passing year. Still, if he didn't say it, someone else did. Someone says that every year.

All I know is, this doesn't get me any closer to making money on this stuff.

UPDATE: Well, I have it, so I may as well pass it on. When I first caught Brother Derek's post position, my knee jerked, telling me to kick that horse to the curb. Then came the second-guessing, as in, "He'll be outside the crowd and he's a solid favorite...can he close?"

As they tell you over and over on multiple choice tests, stick with your first instinct. The guys at Bloodhorse backed my initial hunch:

"The front-running colt was installed as the 3-1 favorite Wednesday despite drawing the No. 18 post position. Only one horse has ever won the Derby from that spot -- Gato Del Sol in 1982."

So, that's a 1-131 record, which, in my world, scares me off the favorite. It doesn't hurt that I've never seen the favorite win.

Anyway, both Finley (above) and Bloodhorse's Steve Haskin is talking up Point Determined, saying that horse should at least go in every box.

More tomorrow...

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