The Derby...And My Capacity to Obsess Over Trivia

I hereby throw in the towel. I can't make heads or tails of this shit - and now I'm off to throw money at Gamblor by way of the local OTB shop.

Before I go, I'll chuck out two more resources in case someone out there wants them.

There's this five-pundit grid I found on the official Kentucky Derby site: LINK. There's also this extended buffet of horse-racing data from the same site.

The Louisville Courier-Journal has this horse-porn blowout that would likely profit someone who knows thing one about horses....and that someone is definitely not me. This thing could be in Finnish for all the good it'll do me.

As I see it, my wife did the smart thing: she picked a series of horses to win based on their silks and long odds. That may sound silly, but the only person I knew who picked Giacomo last year used a similar formula, so I'm not about to knock it. In case you're curious, she's putting cash on Deputy Glitters, Cause to Believe, Flashy Bull, and Bluegrass Cat.

As for me, I'm going to bet a longish-shot or two (Sinister Minister on the wire-to-wire tip and Steppenwolfer as my long-shot closer), plus a pair of quinellas somehow involving the following horses: A. P. Warrior, Sweetnorthernsaint, Point Determined, Barbaro, Lawyer Ron, and...and...and...oh, to hell with it.

Good luck to anyone out there who places a bet. You have my full sympathy. My hair would be falling out if it wasn't already gone.

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