It's Saturday?! Stupid!! I'm SO freakin' STUPID!!

For the first time in three years, I totally lost track of time - and now the Kentucky Derby is upon us. Dammit. I can't believe I'm missing this for Friday's Portland Timbers game...

Oh well, at least I'm on board in time for the draw, which I just learned happens today.

Even if my social/child-rearing schedule means I won't be watching the Derby at either a party or at my local OTB outlet, I'm still hoping to place a bet or two (a hope not yet revealed to my wife, who doesn't yet know I've lapsed back into this; hi honey!). I just found a list of the 20 horse field (or is it 22? Ah, there's probably a scratch or two by now) and will now kick the research machinery into gear; there's no need, as I see it, to pay the rest of the world any mind.

So far, I'm seeing some great names: Sinister Minister, Steppenwolfer (based on silly name principle, we have our winner), Flashy Bull, Storm Treasure and, if the Derby goes to the horse with the gay-friendly name, there's Deputy Glitter.

Reams and reams of material to follow - presumably. I'll have to see how the field pans out so's I don't screw up and look into horses outside the field.

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