KY Derby - Update

It looks like the forecast switched up: cool and dry is the latest call. Based on what I read some damn place - and if memory serves (Ha!) - this takes a horse like Jazil, described as a "mud-horse," out of "rate" status.

This should also boost the stock of another horse - whose name presently escapes me (God...I suck) - who was described as just as strong on wet or dry turf.....though, on that level, you've got to wonder whether all the other horses, who would presumably suffer on a wet track, didn't gain more upside against said horse.

As you can see, given all the variables, assertions, presumptions, etc. this all gets complicated rather quickly.

And that brings me to one highly appropriate comment overheard in the (a?) Derby paddock:

""Juleps! Juleps! Somebody somewhere is drinking alone...join them"

Amen. The source for that line showed up somewhere in here; you're looking for the 10:50 a.m. post.

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