On Understanding the Medium

Dammit. I know, I know. I gave this shit up for - what? - a week? Two weeks?

That's not important right now. What is important is that at 3 p.m. today, Bruce Arena will announce the 23-man roster that the United States will take to this summer's World Cup in Germany and I'll be damned if I just sit here and agonize about this shit on my own.

I'll post that information some time later today...probably around 3-ish.

To acknowledge something mattr told me recently, I'm probably addicted to this, um, mode of expression. OK, screw it: I'm addicted to blogging. Apparently,I love to see myself think. That's not to say, however, that there won't be changes. To wit:

1) I'm not joining any "pimping" outlets, or at least not any "progressive" ones - those things drive me frickin' crazy. This is an entirely personal project meant to serve as a meeting place for friends and family and to give me a place where I can keep in touch less intrusively. Long story short, I miss you guys and can think of no more hassle-free way to stay in touch. To those who pointed this out, good observation.

2) Contact with the average inhabitant of the blogosphere only convinced me that the world is populated by two kinds of idiots: the self-deluding and the conscious overbearing asshole type (I may very well be the latter...best not tell me). So long as I can more or less hide from the bulk of the blogosphere and can post on my own schedule, I won't feel the urge to constantly pull the plug on this thing (OK, these things: I quietly started another blog - one that I have not yet shared with anyone, nor will I, before getting it to take proper shape).

3) I'm going to make myself adhere to the "book club" format, assuming I can do so. I will only pass on items of interest and without extensive commentary. If you want to get into it, light up the comments field and I will almost guarantee that I'll jump on the hook. The "other" space is for commentary - this one's about shooting the breeze.

4) I will still never post for Blue Oregon again. That, I'm totally confident, is out of my system.

5) Because this is an open forum for friends and family, I intend to revive an "open thread" feature. Throw whatever the hell you want in there. I know, for instance, that I've got friends who live 70s custom vans; let's see those links guys.

5a) That's just another way of saying that I hope to wander away from politics more than I have. That's a foul business and it's best viewed with disdain and only after many, many cocktails for your psychic protection.

Right. The key is having some place for people to go to talk about the World Cup. After that, I don't care what becomes of this. But let's enjoy June and July...and pray to all the sundry gods of the sky that the U.S. men make it past the first round....

Anyway, welcome.


Anonymous said...

Two weeks?!?! YOur first post on the other blog was dated three days after you killed Angry Daydream. Perhaps the MSM is to cowed to call you on it, but the 'sphere won't let you get away with that sort of revisionism.

The Manly Ferry said...

I've got a guess as to who wrote this...let's see....Idler?

By the way, does anyone else see the "universal sign" for handicapped persons when posting a comment? It's next to the word verification thingy. I'm not sure what it is, but it might be a comment on my mental space....

Cat Person said...

I, for one, am happy to see you back in business so-to-speak. I LOVE to see you think!

Hope you don't wander completely away from politics...you pushed me to search a bit harder for the big picture. A good start might be the Peter Beinart piece in the April 30, 2006 NYT (? the magazine).

Cat Person