Portland Timbers - Get Yer Dork On!!

Tonight's the Portland Timbers home opener. They open against the Vancouver Whitecaps, who beat the Timbers 1-0 a couple weeks back in Vancouver - a game, as it turns out, that featured some violence (click the image here; it's worth it).

Word to the wise Canadians: we'll invade your country if we must, you shitbags. We'll call you the inflation valve on the Axis of Evil.

There have been ample changes in the off-season: players coming, going and staying - and then there's the whole front-office decapitation to sort out. In other words, I don't have much sense of what to expect tonight. But I do hope that we'll improve on last year's record, when the Timbers proved to be a one-half team over and over and OVER again.

Very frustrating.

The local media has done a pretty good job of whipping up the natives....God bless 'em. There's the Portland Tribune, The Oregonian, even the The Columbian pulled something together.

I'm also seeing some interest over on myspace.com sites (LINK, LINK) - which makes me wonder why I didn't just start this kind of thing over there. Oh well...it just got wired to OrBlogs and Technorati so I'm not taking this one down any time soon.

Anyway, come on out, people, and let yer Dork Flag fly!

And, if you're a fan and object to being called a dork, a word: look in the mirror and, if you go, look around the stadium tonight; you will see a lot of people, many of them smart, funny, sensitive, productive people. But they are dorks. And, chances are, you're a dork too. I'm a dork. It's just something soccer people are....bloggers too. It's only a problem if you make it one.

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