World Cup Roster - A Fuller, Geekier Tease

US Soccer's site has a really bitchin' grid that translates pundit chatter into "X's" in boxes.

Again, it gives one some idea of how fixed much of the roster is: of the 32 players named, 18 are unanimously believed as locks on the roster; another 2 come only two votes shy of unanimity, which takes us to 20 of 23 roster spots roundly spoken for.

The grid also points to how long some of those long-shots really are: (see: Conrad, Jimmy (and say, "bullshit" - they ought to take him); Zavagnin, Kerry; Quaranta, Santino).

According to the wise heads, then, that's only three spots in play...and even here the play ain't much.

Maybe I won't duck out to watch the live announcement on SportsCenter.


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