RSL: Done Deal?

Are You Loyal, an actual, living breathing Real Salt Lake fan site, just posted this:

"If Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson is to be believed, there will be a groundbreaking for the stadium tomorrow. At least that is what he said on the Doug Wright show on local radio station KSL."

If true, and that's an "if" we'd be wise to take seriously, this is great news for RSL fans. Maybe Dave Checketts will actually get to have David Beckham stick the shovel in the dirt after all...(see the penultimate-penultimate paragraph in this one).

UPDATE: We're now bordering on official confirmation. A margin of error remains...

"Salt Lake County officials are putting the finishing touches on a deal that would put a Major League Soccer stadium in Sandy and keep Real Salt Lake in Utah. Now, it's up to the team to say yes - and Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan expects that to be RSL's answer."

Based on the report, the team got damn near everything it wanted; it even appears the city of Sandy threw $5 million more into the kitty - though I have to confess that I don't understand all the angles well enough to state that definitively.

Anyway, we're getting closer. If they reach an agreement, we all ought to see something about it during tomorrow's game between Real Salt Lake and Real Madrid (viewing times here),


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maradawga said...

Wow, that'd be huge.

What a day for stadium news.

My only questions is if, if, this actually gets done, will the populace be too worn out from the political battles to give that great "goodwill" feel that getting a stadium does?