DC v. Fire: An Ad Hoc Cup Needed

A pair of articles (LINK and LINK) appeared on MLS's Newsstand today about rising tensions between DC United and the Chicago Fire as the season goes into the (fer reals) stretch. Both articles pull the same quotes and cover the same ground, but I thought I'd still pass both of them on to give the illusion of intense media interest in the rivalry. Whether they phoned it in or not, I'm pleased to see coverage in more than one paper.

Anyhoo, yeah, the league or the fans - whomever makes such decisions - ought to establish some kind of informal trophy between the Fire and DC United. If they wanted to be snarky about it and name it under the auspices of the 2006 season, they could call it "Relevance Cup," which would hint at just how lousy the rest of the Eastern Conference looks after DC and Chicago.

Oh, and those suspensions - assuming there are a few (there should be, but the league hasn't updated their page that tracks this) - can't help DC for this weekend's game against Red Bull New York. Though that's not to say DC still shouldn't win that one...


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