Power Rankings Talking Points (like the MVP)

As usual, the latest edition of ESPN's power rankings chucked out some opinions worth quibbling over. In no particular order...

From #5 & 8: Who pulls down the MVP? ESPN's pundit stable names Dwayne DeRosario and, my pick (see the section on Salt Lake), Jeff Cunningham....in spite of him picking up "Crybaby of the Week" honors from a Salt Lake paper (crap...haven't the Salt Lake Trib's reporters ever had bad days?). I'd be happy to see either man named; along with DC United Christian Gomez, they're the most deserving players who come to me. Even so, I'd give it to Cunningham. Whatever I think, is there anyone else out there?

Oh, I'm not done...

From #2: The main question here is why DC United continues as #2.

From #12: The most puzzling comment in the entire article:

"With the [Columbus] Crew losing another tough one, next week's battle against [Red Bull New York] looms large."

Why? If the sixth-place team beats the fifth-place team, they're both still out of the playoffs; other results elsewhere would only make this game even more irrelevant. That's "looming small" in anyone's book.

From #6: Talk of a "hot streak" for the New England Revolution points to nothing more or less than pundits waiting for reality to catch up to their expectations. Based on everything I've seen (read: endured) this season, New England's about as likely to hit a hot streak as the state of Massachusetts is to go broadly Republican. Speaking as a fan, I'll be content if they make the playoffs.

From #3: The most pointed and salient comment in the entire article:

"FC Dallas is in first place, but does this team scare anybody?"

The answer, I suppose, is catch me after their home-and-home series versus the Los Angeles Galaxy. Anything north of four points of the six on offer and the answer to this question becomes yes. That goes double if this series means LA misses the playoffs.

Anyway, good stuff as always. I admire these guys for stirring the pot.

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