Yes, I Am a Horrible Fan

Call me a poseur or just call me overly cheap, but, here I sit, claiming to be a Portland Timbers fan and I let the demise of their 2006 season pass unnoticed. While the official end came with last Thursday's late 1-0 loss to the L'Impact du Montreal, they have since dropped a game to another playoff-bound team, the Charleston Battery.

Had I gone to see more games this season, I'd like to think I'd have something - perhaps frustrated, perhaps wistful - to write about this. But the fact is, I didn't see all that many games; for the most part, lack money kept me away, but the Timbers play on those days I did go made it hard to whip up enthusiasm on those rare occasions that I could swing. In the end, I can only point to a sense that, whether I like it or not, justice was done. The Timbers didn't deserve to make the playoffs and they didn't.

So, um, that's that, I guess. Better luck next year, right?


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