Becks' First Day

Yeah, I know all y'all have read word of Beckham's first major States-side assignment - he's helping Disney promote still-another annual celebration - but have you seen the photo that accompanies the ESPN article? It is just...magical...provided "magical" and "oh, Lord, he looks like a doofus" are roughly synonymous.

Enjoy (LINK).

(NOTE: I'm not knocking the guy. Honest. His reasons for shaking hands with The Mouse read a lot like Johnny Depp's for making Pirates of the Caribbean; and I still don't begrudge Depp the move, even after seeing the fever-dream schlock-fest that was the sequel. He figures his kids will dig it. I can't fault a man for that, 'cause I'd do the same thing for my kids in a heartbeat...even if it meant looking like a doofus.)


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