But They've Been Feuding for Months...

Sports Illustrated's Truth & Rumors (or "Rumours" depending on the subject) led with an interesting nugget today:

"Bruce Arena is said to be heavily pursuing U.S. international winger DaMarcus Beasley, according to league-wide sources. There also is a possibility that U.S. National Team midfielder John O'Brien could be invited to pre-season camp, sources said."

Um, wasn't a spat between Arena and Beasley one of the central background dramas of the 2006 World Cup? Yeah, time heals old wounds, but still...

I don't see this one. For one, would Manchester City let him go, especially after losing Reyna? And would he want to return, whether for The Bruce or any MLS team? It seemed like he was just finding his feet...then again, I also haven't paid much attention to Beasley's mental state or playing time.

Any insight on this last angle out there?

As for the O'Brien angle, that I could see for sure. There's no question Bruce is pretty high on O'Brien. He thought enough of him, after all, to take O'Brien's wounded person to the World Cup. I wonder what Chivas USA would ask for in return? Perhaps Dave van den Bergh's travels aren't yet at an end?



Gareth Sleger said...

Beasley's start at ManCity (Sept. 17) was as slow as his end at PSV. But he's been making an impact recently (He scored an icing goal in ManCity's 3-1 win over Southampton in the FA Cup Sunday).

Other than that, he's been used mostly off the bench as a striker and has one other goal (a game winner over West Ham) and an assist.

It's very concerning that they don't use him at his natural left-midfield spot. But that's mostly come down to the fact his type of midfield play can't handle the EPL.

Despite that, I don't see him retreating back to the MLS anytime soon. He's tasted too much European success with PSV too give up like Clint Mathis and Landon Donovan.

The Manly Ferry said...

Thanks for those details, Gareth. Yeah, I can't see him coming back either success or no.