Do You Sueno MLS?

I'm not even sure that I've got the Spanish Language News bit of that remotely correct, but that's another post for another blog.

The feature headline - e.g. the first thing you see in the slideshow on Major League Soccer's (MLS) site, - refers to something called "Sueno MLS," something I figured amounted to another hokey slogan. It took a couple distracted hours and another article - this one from LA Soccer News for me to understand that, while this may indeed by hokey, Sueno MLS is more than a slogan.

How much more? Couldn't tell you. I have to confess my total ignorance regarding the cultural significance of Univision's Republica Deportiva. While I've seen the program, I don't know enough to say whether it's "big" with "the kids."

For all that, Sueno MLS - which (very basically) amounts to a reality TV show following a small pool of applicants through open tryouts with Chivas USA - seems like a good marketing idea on paper. It targets a demographic that's always flustered MLS: Hispanics who watch Univision. Moreover, it's got that great "look at me" freak-show appeal that has made reality TV in general, the success and cultural nightmare it is today.

The question is, will it change minds or perceptions, or will this be regarded as a shallow publicity stunt? After all, Chivas USA officials are pretty upfront about the fact the applicants are only playing for a contract in the thinnest possible sense - check out this splice and dice paragraph featuring words from Chivas USA Owner, Antonio Cue:

"'We're not giving a roster spot,' clarified Chivas USA owner Antonio Cue, pointing out that the winner of the program will receive a two week contract, as well as be able to match themselves alongside the pro players of the team."

While no one involved rules out signing "the right player" it's clear Chivas USA officials aren't holding their breath. And if you want to avoid suspicions the whole thing is designed to raise the team's profile, by all means don't let anyone see the picture of new Chivas USA coach Preki that accompanies's write-up on the program.


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