Dynamo Notes: CONCACAF and DeRo

Sure the article starts with Ricardo Clark's thoughts on his recent performance against Denmark - and I wish Clark all the luck in the world. But the more interesting stuff revolves around player news, which comes at the bottom.

Judging by what they're reporting, the Dynamo made a serious bid to keep Dwayne DeRosario States-side; or, as the piece points out, only serious in terms of the pre-Beckham Rule world. Speaking as a fan of MLS, I'd love to see DeRosario stick around. For my money, he's the best player in the league, capable of manuevers, even thoughts, few others can manage (it's the "thoughts" part of that that gives him an edge over Dempsey). But I'd also be OK if he skipped town for a bigger check - or a bigger pond. The man has worked hard and he deserves it.

There's also something in there about the Dynamo offering forward Brian Ching something better. I'm less partial to Ching and, as such, only hope he gets something that suits him; he may not be my favorite kind of player, but he also seems the nice sort, so I wish him the best.

The other piece of news concerns the Dynamo's upcoming CONCACAF Champions' Cup series against Costa Rica's Puntarenas FC. Looks like parking issues at Robertson Stadium means they'll play the home leg in College Station (I'm sorry, but what a silly name), Texas. It sounds like a tiny venue - the official capacity of the place in question is 3,000, though they've squeezed in just over 8K once before - which should make it a weirdly hot ticket. I'll just admit I like this move well enough and leave it there. Anyway, more - much more - information appears here.

And I'm really, if pathetically, excited about the Champions Cup. The season really can't come soon enough.


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