KC Stadium?

I'm not sure how I missed everything about the latest on Kansas City stadium news, but, Lord, does it look like I missed plenty.

Based on an article in the Kansas City Star things are hopping in KC where stadium news is concerned. To begin, Wizards officials ought to announce shortly where they'll play the 2007 season (it can't be as small as they're claiming...can it?).

But the wackiest, wildest bit of news is this:

"And as early as Valentine’s Day the Wizards could announce a permanent stadium site."

What, what, what?

My total ignorance aside, I hope it pans out for them. I can't claim to care for the Wizards, but I like having the team there. Can't explain it, but I like it.



Anonymous said...

KC Wizards will play 2007-2008 at a retrofitted HS football stadium.

Most likely Raymore-Peculiar High School in Peculiar, Missouri; at the school's Panther Stadium, (in southeast KC).

Seating will probably be in the 8-10k range.

The Manly Ferry said...

Given your knowledge of the KC metro area, I'm assuming you're either a local, or perhaps someone with knowledge of the local scene.

So, how are Wizards fans taking this one?