Now Davids?

ESPN picked up on a report that FC Dallas is presently chasing Dutch midfielder Edgar Davids for a big signing of their own.

Ol' Edgar may be getting on in years, but he's still pretty damn handy so far as I can tell. I'd like to see this one happen - unless the money goes totally crazy...wait...just keep repeating, "MLS only covers $400,000; MLS only covers $400,000; MLS only covers $400,000..."



Eric Salsbery said...

That would be an excellent pick up for FC Dallas. I have been a Davids fan since his days at Barca, I am still a fan of his even though he is at Tottenham.

He is high on my list of players I would like to meet.

Keep up the great work Jeff.

The Manly Ferry said...

Thanks. I hope to. But, right now, I need a cocktail...and a nap.