The Pros' Look-Aheads: Part III (Bradley...on the Revs)

Of all these crystal ball pieces for 2007, Jeff Bradley took the most creative approach by listing his as a series of resolutions for each of MLS' 13 teams. I mentioned him agreeing with Marc Connolly that Curt Onalfo will be different, if not better, for Kansas City - we'll see, I guess - but his resolution for the New England Revolution that most interests this space.

Here's the full resolution:

"3. New England Revolution fans, resolve to not give up, but to push your team over the final hump. Resolve to not refer to your team as the Buffalo Bills of MLS, and to turn the Revs into the Denver Broncos of MLS. Oh yeah, and resolve to push, push, push until we hear an announcement that New England (better yet, Boston) is building you a stadium."

I can fully endorse the final piece - I mean, who wouldn't want a soccer-specific stadium for the Revs? - but am really struggling with the first bit. Hang what we call them: till the Revs win the damn Cup, we are the Buffalo Bills of MLS. It's a matter of definition, not attitude. To take it a step further, with the departures starting to roll and players getting older, the odds 2007 will be a dreaded "transitional year" look lower than even.


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