Revs in 2006: Long Slog Continues

OK, ten down and two to go. For the record, this series has me feeling like I'm walking backward while the rest of the soccer world moves forward. Still, I see the light at the end of the tunnel over my shoulder and know for a fact it's not an onrushing train, but the 2007 season on the horizon. Good stuff.

Anyway, the latest installment in my 2006 season-in-review looks back at the New England Revolution's 2006.

As the sub-head admits, this is a Revolution "fan site," which, in my case, should only mean I pay more attention to them and care more about what happens in their corner of MLS. I'm hoping it doesn't mean I get blinded by the sunshine I see coming out of their asses when writing about the Revolution. In plain English, as much as I like 'em, I don't want to be a cheerleader for these guys.

As such, I hope the 2006 review reads that way. I think it does, but put that down to bitterness about last season and anxiety about 2007. I understand this isn't exactly a lonely position, but I think the Revolution's two year status as clear contenders ended with the 2006 season. While more of their players are staying on (so far) than are leaving, the rising age of those players (e.g. Steve Ralston, Joe Franchino) combined with the talent already lost, points to a team that needs something near-term to avoid making 2007 a dreaded "Year in Transition." Speaking as a fan, I can hope that "something" came either through the Superdraft or a new lease on life for guys like Daniel Hernandez and Pat Noonan, or the continued presence and essential happiness of Shalrie Joseph.

I'm not hopeful on many of those counts. Hernandez may pull through a season - and I sincerely hope he does - but Noonan, well, he just seems cursed. Joseph seems unlikely to stick around for a full season and word that Odd Grenland upped its bid for Twellman points to a potential departure for him as well. So, no, signs aren't pointing to yes. 2007 looks to be a tough one.

And I think I said as much in the Write On Sports piece.


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