Reyna: Why MLS Is @#%ed.

It took Ives Galarcep's write-up on Red Bull New York using the designated player rule to sign of Claudio Reyna to fully appreciate Major League Soccer's (MLS) competitive disadvantage with good-sized European clubs.

Here's the defining pargraph:

"Terms of Reyna's contract were not disclosed, but Reyna received at least a two-year deal which will pay him more than $400,000, which is allowed under the designated player rule. Under the rule, MLS is responsible for the first $400,000 of a designated player's salary, with the team covering the rest. While Reyna is unlikely to be making the more than $3 million he was making with Manchester City, it appears very likely that Reyna is making a seven-figure salary."

Manchester City paid Claudio Reyna - yes, that Claudio Reyna - more than $3 million?! As much as I like him as a player, he's no great shakes - he's average even. And h still hauled in $3 million.

Um, holy shit?

I've always known that star players in Europe made crazy, NBA-style money; and I did have a vague appreciation for the fact that the journeyman fared better even than MLS's top players. But seeing what Claudio made puts this in sharper perspective. Yikes.


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