Speaking of the Mexico Game...

...what are people's early opinions on what will happen?

Here's my early-doors speculation: I'm seeing a loss, one that will look worse on the field than on the scoreboard. After seeing the Mexico roster (second half of this post on Steven Goff's blog), I'm counting a disturbing number of names I recognize - and given how distantly I follow the Mexican league, that suggests the Tricolores are bringing "the business."

With the U.S. men still very much in the feet-finding stage, I can't see us holding up well under those conditions.

Should a loss of this sort come about, I wouldn't view that as a blot on Bob Bradley's record, but that could be nothing more than a function of me expecting a loss. A bad loss, on the other hand, one where we look totally out of our depth - a la the game against the Czech Republic this past summer - would be something to think about. Put another way, a comprehensive blowout would deserve some serious thought. So would a win - and of any sort - for that matter.

But I'm seeing a loss - a clear, but still respectable loss.

Anyone else want to throw in a hat?


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