Superdraft: Beauty Resources, eh?

When you can't pass on insight, why not try pushing resources?

I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again: I don't follow the college game nearly well enough to know what to expect from this year's Superdraft. But with the help of some decent accounts from alert, interested parties, I'm looking forward to seeing some of this year's draftees on next year's Major League Soccer teams. The intention here is to pass on the goods to give slow folk like me some means to judge what happens on Friday.

Buzz Carrick, who I usually see on Matchnight, turned in a list of his Top 25 prospects to ESPN's site; based on what he's got between the two sites, he's giving first-hand dish - and it reads like he does good scouting. At the very least, I'm seeing the same names again and again: Greg Dalby, Chris Seitz (whom I'm thinking Colorado will somehow get), Bakary Soumare, Jay Needham, and a few others; on a regional note, I'm happy to see a guy who played his college ball in Oregon, former Oregon State forward Robbie Findley, getting such nice notices.

Much as I like Carrick's, the article that got me most excited - or, to be honest about it, the one I felt like I could read with some friggin' clue as to what's going on - was Jeff Carlisle's bomb-ass analysis of MLS teams' needs for the draft. Even if I didn't agree with everything, it's a great way to frame the draft; I can't believe it took this long for a mainstream publication to get to doing it.

Other interesting items take a look at the past. played it straight by merely listing all the number one picks in MLS history - ah, Steve Shak...Chris Carrieri...

Jeff Bradley takes a half-snarky trip through draft's past on; it's not always nice, but it's fair...and a bit more fun.

Enjoy. Just a few days left and we can all commence preseason spazzing.

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