USMNT Camp: Chatter and Grumbling

One doesn't need to look too hard for reports out of the U.S. Men's National Team camp. But there was one thing I found today that seems kinda neat-o: has a Training Camp blog up and running and, I have to admit, it has a kind of fly-on-the-wall angle that makes it work tolerably.

It's amazing, and a little sad I suppose, that I can take interest in something like the players' routine for breakfast, but I do...go figure.

Another interesting bit - and one I might have covered before (yup) - but I'm still disturbed about how the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is handling Bradley's interim status, particularly when I read things like this (from here):

"So, no, it's not yet the Bradley era, not unless the former Chivas USA mentor can make a strong case for himself with the U.S. team routing Denmark in Carson on Jan. 20, defeating Mexico in Phoenix on Feb. 7 and overcoming two yet-to-be-named opponents in March."

It's the apparent dishonesty of his position that irks me. Does anyone seriously believe Bradley will get the job after beating a Danish C-team, say, drawing Mexico, etc.? Even if he blew both teams out of the water and led the USMNT over the two "yet-to-be-named opponents" in March, isn't it more fair to everyone without cover-your-ass needs in the USSF to say Bob Bradley will get the job if the USSF can't find someone more impressive and/or experienced?

Anyway, unless they're willing to give him a real shot - e.g. give him through the Gold Cup and, better still, the Copa America - to prove himself, they should have the won-tons to replace the word "interim" in Bradley's title with "caretaker/alternative to an empty chair."


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