Alexi: Oh...The Irony

The article itself came from the Los Angeles Times and it's about players try-outs for the Los Angeles Galaxy in the Beckham Era (hereafter, B.E.) but I couldn't help but smirk at this quote from Galaxy General Manager Alexi Lalas:

"'There's been an incredible response domestically and internationally. It's been phenomenal, but it's not surprising,' [Lalas] said. 'While there are many folks out there who are delusional about their singing skills that we routinely laugh at, there are also plenty of people who are delusional about their ability on the soccer field.'"

(Extended NOTE: Honestly, I am not an Alexi hater. I actually admire the guy for his verbal idiocies - they have their uses - and respect what he did as a player well enough; I'll never forget seeing him run up that slope of ivy after scoring the winning goal in the Galaxy's U.S. Open Cup victory a couple years back. And there's that whole Italy thing. But Alexi is a tool - even if I'm not sure what that word means. It's kind of like that old phrase about porn: I know a tool when I see one. Still, a hard-and-fast definition seems like a good idea, so, turning to the Urban Dictionary, I found several options. I think #5 best describes how I think of Lalas and, I suppose on one level, I'd prefer it if Alexi got lost; I find him annoying - though, again, believe he's conscious of what he is doing. It's this last piece - the self-awareness - that makes definition #1 kind of iffy. Then again, is the Galaxy using Lalas? Possibly. Even if they are, though, he's clearly smart enough to play along on terms close to his own.)

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