Clarke & Rooney: Where Are They Now?

In the process of trying to find out some information about the Bermuda National Team, which wound up taking me through the USL's official site (bookmark it, dummy! Now!!) for reasons explained elsewhere, I happened across the whereabouts of former FC Dallas head coach Colin Clarke. Turns out he'll be coaching the Virigina Beach Mariners this season.

If I'm not mistaken, that means I'll have a chance to see Mr. Clarke in person when the Mariners visit the Portland Timbers this July (the 15th to be precise). While I'm generally too mellow to razz a man for a small step down the ladder, there's this thing called beer, see, and it makes me say stuff sometimes...

There's another familiar name on the Virginia Beach coaching staff: Jim Rooney. Remember him? (Here's a photo for help.)


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