CONC. Champs Cup: "Real" Previews

There comes a time in the life of an pundit, whether amateur or professional, when he has to admit that he didn't cover all the angles he could before sitting down to write something. For me, that time came today. I can't be sure of the hour, but a sense of inadequacy has seared the event - my reading Jeff Carlisle's preview over on ESPN - into my memory.

The best I can say about the preview I turned in to Write On Sports is that it's respectably accurate in a big picture sense. That I missed so many details - see, Brian Ching's nagging injury (but I read his blog post! he said he was working out...on the beach!! Oh, the lies, Brian! Why!?!), back-up Stuart Holden's absence, the fact that I couldn't name a Puntarenas player besides forward Kurt Bernard - points to a degree of vagueness that gives me no choice but to write the following: read Carlisle's preview and call it a day.

With regard to my original, I'm doing penance by adding details as they come to me.

Well, that's enough self-flagellation for today (ah...hurts so good). There are other previews out there: one a "Fanblog" post on the Houston Chronicle's site devoted to Houston's chances, the other an in-house preview.


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