CONCACAF Champs' Cup Primer

An American's View may have scooped me in noting last night's upset in the CONCACAF Champion's Cup - Chivas de Guadalajara lost to, get this, W Connection FC of Trinidad & Tobago, and with their 'keeper sent off after 20 minutes - but I'm mainly looking forward to when the Major League Soccer (MLS) delegation takes the field next Tuesday.

In basic terms, call this a primer, a place to find TV listings (for the games involving MLS teams, and the general Fox Soccer lineup) as well as the tournament bracket.

I wish I could see every game, but, between work and a one-TV household, I'll have to catch what I can. I tried to catch some of the W Connection win, but there was some kind of technical breakdown, apparently, that stranded me to watch Bristol City (I think) outplay Middlesbrough just before midnight last night.

Anyway, best of luck to the MLS teams. Let's get out of the first round this year, huh? (If you scroll down to "CONCACAF Final Round/Ronda Final here, you'll see that Los Angeles and New England didn't do so hot in 2006.)


Anonymous said...

And for those without FSC/Cable you can watch online here:

The Manly Ferry said...

Anonymous: It's possible you just hobbled my marriage. Thanks for the tip!