DCU: Roster Machinations

"At the same time, though, I wonder if there's a plan in place, or is DC essentially being reactive at this point? I leave for a week, but I've come back worried. Yes, I'm worried my friends."
- D, DCenters, (LINK), 02.05.07

DC United's decision to re-acquire Rod Dyachenko after letting him go in the expansion draft that welcomed Toronto FC into the league somewhat naturally had me thinking of Real Salt Lake's similar "spaz manuever" with Jason Kreis (ah, screw it; I've been trying to find one of the many "freakout posts" that followed this episode, but it's not easy enough and I'm done fighting archived blogs, etc.). But with the stakes so much smaller - i.e. the difference in salary and reputation between Kreis and Dyachenko - it seemed no more than a case of DC's front office catching a little of that pie that flew at RSL's front office after the Kreis thing.

Today, though, when reading up on the goalkeeping situation in DC, one gets to this bit of news:

"Coach Tom Soehn did not rule out reacquiring Nick Rimando, who was traded to Real Salt Lake in December as part of the Freddy Adu trade. Rimando, who did not return a telephone message yesterday, hasn't been able to reach contract terms with his new club."

"'We're always interested in Nick, but Nick has got to do what's best for him and he has to figure out what his situation is with Salt Lake,' Soehn said. 'Everything is possible.'"

That's when I got to thinking, "Oh...my..." Or, rather, that this has reached a point where the situation bears noting. What is going on in DC? I'd say watch this space, but you'd be a lot better off keeping up with DCenters and An American's View.

OK....that and it suddenly looks like New England's off-season paralysis isn't the worst that could happen. Then again, that only lasts till I remind myself that, 1) DC is still active, and 2) at least they picked up a forward.


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