DeRo Crowned King of Canada

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Not much more to say here, than let the record show that Dwayne DeRosario was selected the Canadian soccer player of the year for the second year running. This got me thinking about who would count as Canada's greatest all-time player. Any thoughts out there?

A second point of curiosity: how would it feel to be that guy? Or how does it feel for DeRosario right now, being the best current Canadian player, if not of all time?

Suppose I'll never know. But I do think DeRo is good for it.


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Gareth Sleger said...

If it wasn't for Owen Hargreaves commiting to England, he might of taken the nod over DeRo. But Tomasz Raszinski could also be considered Canada's best ever considering what he's done in the EPL (but then again, he is Polish, too).
It's a shame DeRo hasn't been able to make the jump to Europe, not counting that piss poor German club he was with for two years.
19-year-old David Edgar might give them all a run for their Canadian dollars depending how his career pans out with Newcastle and beyond.