GAMES, etc: Preseason - Records & on TV

I tried something new today: I actually checked the official sites for (most) of Major League Soccer's (MLS) clubs. While there's not a whole lot there that isn't on the main page, I did find a useful thing or two. For instance...

Columbus Crew
...the Columbus Crews' official site provides a handy grid to help fans track their preseason. I didn't know the Crew's preseason record currently stands at 4-1-1. Well, I'll be...

Real Salt Lake
And that 4-1-1 is a patch better than RSL's preseason record: a middling 2-3-1. No offense to either the team or their fans, but that ain't playoff caliber. For all that, I think this is true: "RSL will boast what many believe to be the most talented squad in the team's short history..." Now, if only they'll start playing like it.

Chicago Fire
While I was off staring too much at other things, the Chicago Fire got shee-lacked by the Kansas City Wizards. Holy poop. I wonder what their preseason record looks like - their site is mum on the subject...not that I blame them.

Pioneer Cup - On the Tube
I found this site by total freak accident, but it's telling me that the Pioneer Cup will air on Fox Soccer Channel (look in the upper right-hand corner). Sure hope it's true...and hope other preseason tourneys, like say the one coming up in Puerto Rico, get picked up as well.

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