Gimme #110! Market This Man, MLS!

Sure the article is about Real Salt Lake (RSL) coming up clovers by picking Chris Lancos in the 2006 Superdraft in spite of the high probability he'd go overseas, but that's not the best part - or what most concerns fans of Major League Soccer.

That comes down at the bottom:

"RSL striker Jeff Cunningham hopes the league lets him wear No. 110 this year, but he knows it's highly unlikely, that's why he's prepared to switch to No. 90."

That settles it. Jeff Cunningham is a full-time fucking genius of the Intergalactic Space-Pilot sort. Regular human beings do not make these kinds of statements, at least not publicly or without having ingested incredible quantities of mind-altering drugs. Beautiful. Just cook up an add campaign, but him in a stretch suit with aluminum foil appointments with a gigantic #110 pasted across his back...the ad writes itself.

Dang. Cunningham is seriously pushing for favorite player status.


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