History, MLS, and the CONCACAF Champs' Cup

I'll spare you the tales of blind alleys and data I just can't find and will instead just direct you to my tailored preview of the CONCACAF Champions Cup. More specifically, the article looks back over the past few years to see what that tells us about the prospects for Major League Soccer's (MLS) delegation.

I owe a massive hat-tip to the Wikipedia entry on the subject, which reads so, so much better than the official site (you'll find the trip down memory lane here by using the drop menu under "previous tournaments").

If I communicated my point well enough, you should sense that I'm a bit pessimistic about how well the Houston Dynamo and DC United will do this time around - though only pessimistic in terms of one of them winning the title. Our track record simply hasn't been much, especially in recent seasons when the Costa Rican clubs, in particular, seem to have raised their game; that we'll have to face the Mexican clubs in later rounds only deepens a mild sense of dread. And, please, don't read too much into that: I'm really, really hoping both teams show well (and, happily, I'll get to see both games) and will lavish all manners of praise upon them if and when they do.

But, hey, W Connection FC did it, didn't they?

And, by the way, I just saw Climbing the Ladder does its usual great work on breaking down the tournament. Good stuff.


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