More Preseason: RBNY's Rip

It's not often one gets to write "Red Bull New York (RBNY)" and "3-0-0" in the same sentence - unless, that is, one is noting the early-season record of the team that just beat them. But the 2007 preseason is shaping up very nicely for RBNY, who have managed a perfect record thus far.

It's not so much the 4-0 pounding meted out on the U.S. U-17s; that's a game any top-flight team should manage, really. But the 3-1 win over the Kansas City Wizards and, especially, the more recent 2-1 victory over DC United comes as a surprise - though news of defensive slips out of DC, less so.

In fact, the least surprising thing about all this is the glee RBNY fans are currently experiencing. Enjoy, guys, and don't pinch yourselves too hard...

Then again, it's possible happy the dream won't end. Ives Galarcep cobbled together a first team and formation based, presumably, on what's been used so far. It already looks impressive and, as he points out, will only look more so if RBNY can land Agustin Delgado in the coming weeks.

To steer this conversation toward the New England Revolution, word of a reloaded Red Bull is somewhat disconcerting; it's hard to escape the sense of a nearly-there team standing pat while everyone else improves.


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