Mysteries of MLS Paychecks Revealed

The Washington Post's Steve Goff - or St. Steven, as he may yet be dubbed for such services - revealed some fine-print details of how Major League Soccer (MLS) players get paid for their services on his Soccer Insider blog today.

There's more in here than can easily be discussed in dissected - at least in the time I have today - but it seems fair to describe the overall shape of the contract as pointing to an (extremely gradual) effort to making it harder to describe some league minimums as "embarrassing." That doesn't mean there aren't some weird and/or disappointing details in the numbers, though I'll only focus on the weird for now:

"-- If an MLS team receives up to 200,000 in prize money in a USSF, CONCACAF or FIFA sponsored tournament, the players will get 50 percent of it; if the prize money is more than 200,000, the players receive 50 percent of the first 200K and 30 percent of the amount over 200K."

"-- Players are prohibited from participating in other sports that may impair or destroy his ability and skill as a soccer player: football, boxing, wrestling, motorcycling, moped-riding, auto racing, skydiving, inline skating, downhill skiing, mountain biking, bike racing, rock climbing, rappelling, spelunking and hang-gliding. There are, of course, exceptions and casual family activities do not apply."

A look at this last one points to the happy coincidence that any player earning a league minimum could afford only a few of those prohibited activities (that's a bitch about spelunking, though).

In any case, I'm glad someone's sharing this stuff with the league being tightlipped as they are. Cool resource to have.


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