Player News, 02/15: Emilio, John

(Editorial Note: While I'm not usually much on player "personality" articles, they're definitely a staple of sports reporting; as such, it seems wise to have this serve as a another "round-up" feature. And, every so often, they contain some good stuff, notably when they discuss state of mind/body, struggles, returning from struggles, etc.) with today's first item (ooohhh...pushing ellipses through a parentheses and a paragraph jump...naughty).

DC United
For whatever reason, I expect big things from Luciano Emilio, even I can never remember which of his names go where. Today's Washington Post carries a decent look at the player and his life. But the key detail, and one I never got before, was that the team DC United will play in next week's CONCACAF Chumps' Cup 1st Leg (which I'll get to see - HUZZAH!!), is Emilio's former team. For the record, that's the Honduran club Olimpia.

Kansas City Wizards
This one's a two-day oldy, but the Kansas City Star examined the mental state of a seemingly rejuvenated Will John. I didn't know, 1) that he's young as he is, or 2) that all that much was expected of him. He seems at peace, which could portend a decent year.


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Anonymous said...

He's Brazilian and United and United fans usually own use Emilio. So no need to remember the order. He is deserving of only one name, as you will see this season.

And why not...Thiago in Chicago....