Preseason and TV

So....I'm read about the Pioneer Cup today, a tribute game intended to honor the late, great Lamar Hunt; the first match in its history will be played on March 11 between FC Dallas and the Columbus Crew.

Some time earlier this week, I got wind of the Carolina Challenge Cup, a tournament hosted by the Charleston Battery that will feature several MLS clubs in preseason action. This year's edition will include Red Bull New York, Toronto FC, and the Houston Dynamo. It also looks like the Challenge Cup already has something of a tradition behind it (hat tip to Wikipedia and don't skip the Coffee Pot Cup angle - that's just superb).

So...I'm thinking that if we have to endure things like the NFL's Hall of Fame Bowl and other sundry stupid preseason games, let's get this shit on TV, Major League Soccer. There are fans jonesin' hard out here. Shop this to Fox Soccer Channel, the Outdoor Network - hell, put it on Lifetime for all I care. If you can only swing a single camera slapped on the center stripe, let's do it.


Anonymous said...

Fear not. The first CONCACAF Champions Cup Match is just 12 days away (although it doesn't involve MLS club the next ones do)

Check the Fox Soccer Channel Schedule for the 13th, 21st, 28th and March 1st to see DC United, Houston Dynamo and their competition in action

The Manly Ferry said...

To paraphrase Homer - and you know which one - "But that's 12 days!!"

Thanks for the ray of sunshine, though. I got it bad.