RSL: Williams Buggered!!

I just had to note this one: so, so wrong.

"The paper said that before being waived [midfielder, long-time quality performer, and, I'm guessing, all-around swell guy, Andy Williams] was rumored to be on $110,000 a year. Under the new deal, that figure is between $30-40,000."

Ain't that just the shit in yer Wheaties? Seriously, that's just such a screw job. I rate Williams as a decent enough player and can't believe no one else wanted to pick him up, even if not for $110,000. Lord knows New England coulda, woulda, shoulda picked him up for cover.

Right. That's it. I picked that up from's February 7 round-up of MLS news.



Nathan said...

No, that's not right.

If you go back and read the original article from the Deseret News (or maybe it was the SLC Tribune?) it says he is taking a pay cut of $30-$40,000, not that he will be making that much.

This is still a severe pay cut and complete bullshit and why MLS needs to raise the salary cap to $5 million per team and pay people some real money. I hope the union gets some negotiating balls in 2009 because the salary structure needs to be revamped.

You should not have to take a pay cut to make a roster when your original salary was $110K.

The Manly Ferry said...

Well, all right. That does sound better. Thanks for the correction. I actually like that kind of thing. Keeps me honest...mostly.