TEAM-TALK: Serioux Aches, Garlick Fallout

FC Dallas
While word of the knee injury to Adrian Serioux was big enough - nothing like a second baptism of fire for that team's young back-line - it's some comments from FC Dallas head coach Steve Morrow that pique interest:

"Morrow definitely feels that the Hoops got "damaged goods" but was quick not to assign blame to any one party."

"'I think it's something that the league needs to look at,' he said. 'It's their player and we brought him back here and knew nothing about his physical condition. I think the situation must be addressed and needs to get better.'"

The same quotes appear in the Dallas Morning News' report, but they somehow read more ominously over there. Wonder how this shakes our - or even whether we'll see or hear anything if it does.

Garlick and RSL
So, Real Salt Lake's (RSL) Scott Garlick retired from the game on Tuesday this week. Truth be told, I'm sad to see him go; I always liked ol' Scotty "Pepper" (who owns that nickname, by the way? Tino Palace?) and remember him minding nets for one of DC United's championships. Now comes the question of finding a reliable replacement, so as not to throw rookie Chris Seitz directly into the mix. The Deseret News' report (first link) mentions Red Bull New York's Jon Conway as an obvious candidate, as does Ives Galarcep on his blog. But I see that Zach Thornton's currently both training and, um, between projects. Yeah, he's older, but he's also likely to cost less at this point; Conway's cheap for now, but I'd figure he's heading up salary-wise.

Chicago Fire
Speaking of the Fire and Thornton, you can read more about that here, but I'm passing on the link for the comments on rookie Bakary Soumare. Sounds like he's showing well and raw.

Houston Dynamo
I saw that 'keeper Pat Onstad left Houston's CONCACAF Champs' Cup game early with a pulled right calf. Anyone heard anything about the extent of the injury?

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