Trade-Talk: Galindo to Chivas

While I'm pretty sure this is old news - and it's possible I've already mentioned this (yep) - Chivas USA's acquisition of Maykel Galindo from the Seattle Sounders has me sufficiently curious to post it prominently. While LA Soccer News' top-drawer bio more properly belongs to the "Bum-Fluff" category (which clarifies the category nicely by pointing out that I don't count these as weak articles, so much as they contain "soft" content), it should give some impression of who this guy is.

I can't explain why I think Galindo will work out well for Chivas, but seeing I wasn't the only one further piques my interest. This comes from Jeff Bradley's most recent First XI column for

"This is an under-the-radar move that could pay off big for Chivas. Galindo, who defected from Cuba two years ago, can fly. If Chivas had a weakness a year ago it was the lack of a speedy striker to complement Razov."

Here I didn't even know about the speed. I'd just heard good things - even if those things were kinda generic.


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