USMNT: Let It Be Clark

(TESTING Again: Yep, if you go to Soccer Blogs and scroll way down the page, you'll see my posts showing as if I posted them at 5:30 a.m. or so EST. Well, I know I only that time on the clock once a day and it sure as hell ain't in the A.M. It's against what religion I have to get up that early. I'll be doing some exploring this weekend about switching services; I've tolerated too many annoyances with Blogger since getting into blogging and this - this switching to an improved format that turns out to be totally ass - might be the killer. Anyway...)

Ives Galarcep had some fun with guessing the roster for next Wednesday's friendly against Mexico; that link will actually take you to the results of his "fun," which took the form of a survey of commenters. You can check Galarcep's post to see the line-up laid out.

Personally, I'm not ready for this yet; I'll be spazzing all over this next week, but, for now, have only one thing to add. There's a mini-debate going on regarding whether the U.S. Men should start Pablo Mastroeni or Ricardo Clark in the "destroyer/holdling midfield" role. As the title reads, I'm plumping for Clark. It's a friendly, right? I want to see what Clark can handle before it matters. More to the point, I think he's up for it.

By next week, I'll be ready to monkey around with the rest of it. But, today, I'm pretty firm in thinking we should start Clark.

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