(W)Revs Wrap, 02.06.07: Nowak Helps Twellman

It was buried beneath miles of other content in an article in which U.S. Men's head coach Bob Bradley proclaimed himself "excited," but it was there all the same:

"We continue to talk to Taylor every day about the fact that the games go a little bit faster, his ability to see things a little bit quicker and his ability to polish up in certain areas will be key. In those ways he seems incredibly receptive. Peter Nowak has really taken time with him in this camp and I think those two have hit it off in that regard and we're excited to try to push him forward a little bit more."

Twellman can certainly do worse than to pick up a thing or two from Nowak. Let's hope we see it this year. And, by the way, the rest of that article isn't too shabby either.

OK. I've stared at the TV schedule for a while now and can now confirm that the Revs will be on my TV eight times (I don't have HDNet, but I might have Telefutura...that would add three games...glee). I am a bit concerned about their TV appearances drying up around the middle of August (or September 9th if I get Telefutura/Galavision....must check this....soon...there's some good stuff on Galavision these days), right as the playoff stretch warms to hot. Hopefully, Major League Soccer will hold onto that Quick Kicks feature. Damn, I fell in love with that service last year. Any word on that?

Finally, an article discussing Revs' coach Steve Nicol's contentment at the players he's got back for 2007 tells me that three of the 2007 draftees have signed contracts with the club: Wells Thompson, Ryan Solle, and Amaechi Igwe. Welcome to the club boys - and good luck. Maybe I'll pick around their pasts while I'm trying to keep myself from obsessing over the Mexico game.


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