(W)Revs Wrap, 02.15.07: Trialists from Peru

As will happen from here going forward, I posted my New England Revolution content on The Offside. My contribution for the day is a scrambled piece about a Peruvian forward the Revs have invited to Bermuda. Hope to see good things from him...and hope the editor at The Offside doesn't mind me picking through the innards of my investigative efforts on soccer time....

In a highly related piece of news, I picked up a partner on The Offside New England Revolution Blog. He posts as Sabin and has already turned in a pair of contributions of his own; he introduces himself in one of them and flags a Washington Post article about players that David Beckham should watch out for when he arrives this summer. Three Revs make the cut: Daniel Hernandez (yes!), Joe Franchino, and goalkeeper Matt Reis. Anyone wondering why Matt Reis made the list should ask Alecko Eskandarian; I'm sure he'll have something to say. (The link on the other end of that article is just fascinating, by the way; Esky's a tad bonkers, though in a good way.)

Anyway, glad to have the company on The Offside. I'm hopeful we can establish a good right-brain/left-brain kind of vibe over there.

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