(W)Revs Wrap, 02.19.07: Dorman's Day

I know the date is off, but my losing life-long war with technology registered still another setback yesterday when I found myself stranded from the login page for The Offside. (Honestly, I'm willing at this point to submit to eating flavored paste from tubes and getting my eyes wired into a see-through computer screen that will allow me to be ever-productive; just give me a friggin' flying car and I'll go peacefully....)

At any rate, I posted yesterday's item today: a think-piece on expectations that Andy Dorman's role with the New England Revolution will grow and if and how he'll cope. All I'll say here is I'm unsure as to whether he's got the "extra something special" to fill the whole left in the Revolution squad by Dempsey's departure. Best case: he'll be a different, less-flashy, but by no means less effective player.

So, Dorman, prove me wrong, you Welsh stud.


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