03.10-03.16: Week IN TEAM NEWS

Here's a general round-up of Major League Soccer stuff I failed to note or comment on over the past week:

Red Bull New York
One of the biggest items of the week, without a doubt, came out of Ives Galarcep's report on how much cash Red Bull lost running MLS's New York franchise in their first year of operation: $14 million. Ouch.

He elaborated on this - far better than I'll ever be able to - on his blog and a couple other outfits picked up the story as well...just not this one...I have no excuse.

The most shocking bit to me was the incredible $3.5 million they spent on the 2006 opening day celebration - and the impression that the vacuum which followed implies they thought this would be sufficient.

DC United's Roster
I'll be touching on this again later in the trades/rumors section, but 'round about midweek Steve Goff posted the latest edition of DC's roster. All I'll say here is that, if I didn't see them struggle last night (OK, against one of the regional superpowers) I'd be awfully nervous about DC running away with the title for the second straight year. Still, DC's restructuring is both somewhat unique and, therefore, a bit ominous.

FC Dallas
File under "can't-catch-a-break": FC Dallas not only lost a prominent game this past weekend, but they also lost a(nother) key defender: Chris Gbandi is out for six weeks, leaving a team that's already shaky in defense with "two of its best defenders" injured.

Colorado Rapids
Finally, enjoy some stadium porn overlaid with some U2 out of Commerce City, Colorado. It does the soul good.


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