British Invasion?

Sports Illustrated pullled together a chunky Truth & Rumors today, at least as relates to Major League Soccer (MLS). There's the interesting tip about Red Bull New York allegedly chasing Aston Villa's Juan Pablo Angel, but there's also talk of a "british invasion."

The last bit refers to a BBC News article (picked up by du Nord, naturally) in which Toronto FC midfielder Carl Robinson says he's "put in a word" for 6 or 7 English players; we'll have to see how that translates to warm bodies.

Anotehr interesting item from Robinson comes with his comments on the style of play in the American top-flight:

"I'm really enjoying it, they are a good bunch of lads and I'm enjoying the way football is over there. It is much more focussed towards keeping the ball rather than the end-to-end hurly-burly of the Championship and that suits me down to the ground. It's more like international football."

Ah, Carl. I'm blusing on behalf of all MLS fans. Such a nice thing to say....


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Mark in NRH said...

I would be very interested to hear the 6 or 7 Limeys that wanted their name thrown into the ring.